Marci Shimoff

#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author

& Renowned Happiness Expert


I remember one day a few years into my whirlwind of success, recognition and purpose, I stopped and realized that I was living a miraculous life. I had the keys and I could help other people create miracles in their personal and professional lives just as I’d created them in mine. I knew the formula.

My passion is to help you manifest miracles in your life.

In the past 20 years, I’ve had the honor of being a #1 NY Times bestselling author many times over. I’ve written Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason, and 6 books in the Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul series. My books have sold over 16 million copies in 33 languages around the world.
I’m regularly on national television, I’ve hosted my own PBS show and I travel around the world speaking to audiences of thousands.

I get to meet, work with, travel, and vacation with some of the most extraordinary people on the planet.

People have been asking Debra and me for years — actually for decades — to offer a mentoring program like this together but the time wasn’t right. Until now.

Now, everything has come together and we feel that we’ve created a program where everyone who participates will absolutely have a breakthrough.